Various Sukkah Posters

Sukkot always stirs up ideas in my mind. Many of its traditions are manifested in the physical, so I wax creative in turn. Sukkah posters are my mode of choice for expressing that creativity. Also, I love a good parody as much as the next geek.

Lulav Rick

In the wake of the "Pickle Rick" zeitgeist, a slew of parodies emerged. My tribute to this came in the form of a lulav and etrog, the four species traditionally waved at the Jewish festival of Sukkot. It was published as a printable pdf for the holiday and adorned the walls of Rick and Morty fans' sukkot worldwide.

Super Minim (Clockwise from top left)
Wheatsheaf, Eshkol, The Fig, Pommegramps, Tamara, Zeytoun and Se'orus


Lulav poster inspired by the band KISS